Is it possible to take control of your health?

In a world where chronic diseases and pain are the main health conditions that people face, their solutions do not always come from one place. It is often a combination of factors that can influence recovery.

“The information in this book is drawn from more than 15,000 hours of study and practice in real-world settings, and is written in the same educational and encouraging style of instruction that has helped thousands of our clients get great results.”

-Jonathan Wong

In this book you will learn…

(In simple to understand language)

How to:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Manage weight without cravings and yo-yo diets
  • Dramatically reduce your risk of common lifestyle related illness
  • Recover from chronic pain effectively and safely
  • Choose the right therapist for your injury or pain
  • Implement a science based detoxification plan
  • Choose exercises that give you the best "bang for the buck"